Strategic Advice


  • Which prospects do you want to target? 
  • What is the specialty of your organization? 
  • What motivates you as a company and as an entrepreneur?
  • What do customers miss if they do not buy your product or services? 
  • Which steps do you need to take to be ready for the coming years? 


These are just a few of many questions that I have discussed with my clients. And with which many companies struggle.


It is my experience that 90% of all problems and challenges that organizations face, are caused within their own organization. Therefore, strategy is foremost about bringing the right balance between the following aspects of your organization:

· Your concept.

· Your culture.

· Your procedures. 

· Your control mechanisms.

Of course, this differs per organization, and depends on your deepest convictions, motivation, goals and values.


Together with you, I analyze your internal and external environment, and work on formulating, communicating and implementing your (new) strategy. Both internally and with the external world. So that your strategy is known and supported at each level of your organization. Continuity, profit and growth are simply the results of those core elements.  

The secret of success

Success is a result, not just a goal. Success is about structurally building on a positive momentum, one step at a time, based on the strategic road to a clear, mutual mid-term goal.


It's all about focus. Everyone must focus on and work in the same direction. This focus supplies a strong basis on which decisions, expenses and results can be evaluated. And it gives peace of mind, without being distracted by all sorts of 'unique opportunities'.