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Process optimizing


In most organizations, the net results can be improved substantially, simply by aligning internal procedures and communication better. This often makes it possible to improve the performance of an organization relative quickly, and with only limited investments.

I use a no-nonsense approach, concentrating on creating more efficiency, and less operational and personal losses, in existing procedures and the day-to-day operation.  

You and your coworkers form the foundation for this, so that improvements are supported by all and everyone becomes conscious of their own role and responsibilities.   

Together with your team, I determine the ultimate goals, and evaluate the procedures and communication in and between each department and task to see where losses occur and improvements are required. This leads to a concrete plan to streamline the operational and support activities so that the quality of the output improves and turnaround times are reduced and, ultimately, substantial savings are achieved.

You can expect more:

·        Control

·        Joint consistency

·        Decisiveness  

·        Openness

·        Active and dynamic focus

·        Quality controls

·        Customer satisfaction

·        Coworker satisfaction

·        Net result