Personal Coaching


Sometimes it’s lonely at the top. It can feel like everyone wants something from you and that things are happing to you instead of that you feel in control. 


This can lead to the following dilemma’s:

·      How do you keep in touch with yourself, your organization, your customers and your private life?

·      What is the right approach to improvement?

·      How do you achieve a better balance between work and private life? For yourself and your co-workers.

·      What is the sense of it all? What motivates you to keep going (and growing)? 

·      How do you keep customers and personnel satisfied and committed?


Of course, I don’t dispose over all the answers to life’s questions. But I do have a broad background and experience that can help you step back and have a good look at all these issues. 


Together, we explore and examine your options, goals and values, to determine what is needed to achieve your goals and which steps need to be taken to be able to do so.