My name is Hans Elshout.


After having sold my company S&H (approx. 120 co-workers), I am now enjoying the 3rd phase of my life, as well as my passion of helping people and organizations excel in their field. 


I help bring out the best in your people, your organization and your procedures, with concrete, practical and effective results.  


My own hands-on experience (next to my extensive consultancy work):

  • E-com and omni-channel consultant for a large multi-national organization
  • Founder, 100% owner and CEO of a multi-channel service organization with approx. 120 co-workers. .
  • Senior Vice President of a major international mail order company.
  • CEO of a national mail order company.
  • Implementation Manager of new branch offices of a top-3 Dutch temporary workforce agency. 
  • Buyer with a multinational industrial firm. 



  • Board member of the Dutch national employers organization (VNO) NCW.
  • Supervisor of a health care organization with a hospital, 32 service-entities and approx. 7.000 employees.
  • (International) speaker with Speakers Academy.
  • Winner Dutch National Entrepreneurs Award. 
  • End-finalist 'Dutch Business Man of the Year'.
  • Best Mentor - national business booster NLgroeit


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My 5 strengths         

  • Conceptualizing unique solutions.
  • Reducing complex issues to simplicity.
  • I am a fast thinker who can switch quickly between topics. 
  • My involvement with and commitment to people. 
  • Communication, in the broadest sense of the word. 


My education

Studies and personal growth have formed a constant factor in my career. I have increased my skills and knowledge at several different colleges, business schools and universities, obtaining degrees in the following fields:

  • Procurement
  • Marketing
  • General Management
  • Organizational Science
  • Business Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Management Psychology
  • Philosophy


In addition, I have followed numerous master classes and training in various fields and am always actively extending my insight and knowledge.  

Top brands that I have helped Excel: